Understanding business processes and the challenges of working together

The Learning Factory’s FiS is a simple yet powerful business simulation programme!

Based on a real product, all processes within the supply chain, including administrative procedures – such as accounting, planning and control – and quality management are simulated.

During the business simulation, all participants assume the tasks relating to sub-processes. Each of these sub-processes contributes to the overall company process.The participants receive their instructions and have to fulfil the clients‘ orders with the required quality and lead times, taking economic key performance indicators into account. This method allows the participants to recognise weaknesses in their own and in related sub-processes, and to detect inefficiencies within the team, management structure and communication.

Contrary to many other development concepts, the Learning Factory is purely practical and doesn’t present its components in the traditional way. Because of this, participants can immediately feel involved in the processes and in the challenges associated with business.

The Learning Factory can be booked in two ways:

  • 1-day open seminar
  • in-house session, tailored to the client’s specific requirements

The Learning Factory promotes continuous improvement

Continuous performance improvement plans, when effectively implemented, will help the organisations to maintain a decisive competitive advantage in the marketplace – both now and in the future. The Learning Factory is a powerful tool for promoting continuous improvement within an organisation. It facilitates awareness of the ‘big picture‘: processes, interfaces and the need for communication, leadership and teamwork.
The Learning Factory provides new ways for motivating businesses and their employees to introduce, consolidate or reactivate continuous improvement plans. The methodology employed by the Learning Factory is well understood by the staff, and they are able to implement the measures in their own workspace.

Change Management for processes and teamwork

The Learning Factory is ideal for bringing organisations and their employees closer to change. The practical approach quickly shows correlations, barriers, requirements and needs for optimisation. Depending on the working environment, these can be found in business processes, as well as in the culture of teamwork, leadership or communication.

Sustainable success requires outstanding methods of awareness-raising!

Cutting-edge changes in business are often unsuccessful. Often, the problems don’t lie in the technical processes that are being introduced, but in the people who don’t have ownership of the change process, and who don´t feel able to share their own knowledge and experience.
In the context of change management, the Learning Factory works on supply chain processes, as well as on teamwork, leadership and communication. This holistic approach differentiates the Learning Factory from conventional training programmes.
The Learning Factory is based on the principles of the „Change to Kaizen“ philosophy. Acceptance and sustainability of change in organisations can only be reached if the employees live and breathe the culture of change in their professional lives, as well as in their private ones.
Impact levels of the Learning Factory

The Learning Factory works on different levels in business, such as process optimisation, leadership, communication, conflict management, team development and more.


The goal of the Learning Factory is to provide the participants with a bird’s eye view over the business and its processes. They will be able to identify the correlations and interfaces of the sub-processes, the challenges of cooperation, and communication within their organisation.
Taking a „real role“ in the simulation, the participants gain awareness of the processes and attitudes they need to optimise and of the consequences that change brings. In addition to this, they recognise how they, as well as the whole organisation, can benefit from the process changes themselves.

Business processes

The participants will

  • experience networking and the complexity of business processes
  • realise the need to improve structures and processes in order to efficiently use the resources, and to stop wasting them
  • learn the importance of internal and external interfaces
  • experience the idea of continuous improvement
  • learn methods and techniques of how to create processes more efficiently

Communication and leadership processes

The participants

  • experience the impact of structures and processes on their own performance and on their cooperation with others
  • realise the importance of communication and teamwork between all parties involved
  • experience the effect of their own and others‘ roles on their own behaviour
  • get awareness of the interconnection between leadership and self-organisation in the context of efficient processes
  • start to apply what they have learned and experienced from the simulation to their own professional environment

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